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Privacy Policy

Please have a read, so you understand exactly what information is collected and how it is used. 

1. Personal Information

(1.1) Geraldine Jayne may collect, use and store, the following information from you:

Full name, address, and email. When paying by Paypal, details will be processed by them, of which I will have access.

(1.2) IP address, and browsing data (including location, browsing habits on www.geraldinejayne.com, gender, age). This information is collected via Google Analytics, and Bigcartel (the websites host).

(1.3) Your personal information will not be kept longer than is necessary.

Using Personal Information

(2.1) I am the sole owner of Geraldine Jayne. All information collected is only stored & used by me (Geraldine Davidson), it is not shared shared with any third party, and it is only used for it's intended purpose. Your name & address is used to contact you if there is any issues with your order, payment, or shipping.

(2.2) Paypal has a faud system in place, so will be able to access and use certain personal information (like card type, location, etc) to help stop fraud. This information will only be accessed & used if a payment is flagged up as fraudulent.

(2.3) Browsing data that's collected via Google Analytics is used by myself to help improve the website and shopping experience. Gender & age for example helps me to understand my customer base, and allows me to create products that fit in those demographics. 

3. Disclosing Information

 (3.1) Your information will not be disclosed to anyone. The only time your personal information may be disclosed is if I'm required to by law.

4. Correcting/Updating/Erasing Personal Information

(4.1) If you wish to correct/update or erase your personal information that's been collected, please get in touch directly (via the contact page) so I can sort this out ASAP. You have the right to request your information to be corrected/updated/erased at any given time.

5. Cookies

(5.1) Cookies are collected on Geraldine Jayne. This is done via Google Analytics.

(5.2) Cookies are small data files that are stored on your computer, the website, uses them to make sure your shopping/website experience runs smoothly. For example, Cookies remember what you put in your basket whilst shopping, so without them you wouldn't be able to make any purchases on the website. You can disable Cookies on your browser, but this will impact your browsing experience negatively, making the website more difficult to use. 

(5.3) Please take a look here if you'd like to find out more on how Cookies work:

About Cookies.

If you have any questions, please contact me here.